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Aluminum Handrails
Specializing in all types of Aluminum Railing Systems

ATR manufacturers aluminum handrail products from 6063-T6 & 6005-T5 aluminum alloys. We offer a diversity of glass and mesh railing applications you may desire, from an aluminum handrail that can stand alone or effortlessly incorporate your special handrail project requirements. The aluminum handrails are adaptable to increase security and safety as well as to improve the visual look and feel of your property. Designs unique to a given project are illustrated in aluminum handrails ATR provided CAD detail drawings DWG. Designs for deck handrails, condominiums, condos, exterior, gates, handicap, high rise buildings, hotels, indoor, industrial, outdoor, patio, platforms, pools, porches, ramps, retail, residental, roof tops, safety, schools, stairs, terraces, walkways, wall mounted.

Code & Compliance for Aluminum Handrail

ATR meets current codes for design of aluminum handrail systems including compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). The most common aluminum handrail design includes a grip rail attached to the adjacent wall structure. However, the grip rail may be mounted to the walking surface, adjacent to the aluminum handrail.

Unique Design of Aluminum Handrails

Aluminum handrail designs requires the supports to be spaced at 48 in. o.c. max. in order to provide the required structural support for the grip rail brackets. The grip rail is formed with radius bends for all transitions and returns. Designs unique to a given aluminum handrail project are illustrated in ATR provided shop drawings.

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aluminum handrail for city hall aluminum handrail in Guam stairway aluminum handrail
Big Bear City Hall
with aluminum handrail
Latte of Freedom, Guam
with aluminum handrail
Rosewood Resort with
Aluminum Handrail
UC Davis installation of aluminum handrail aluminum handrail at state college lobby stairs aluminum handrail
UC Davis, California
Aluminum Handrail for Stairs
Cal State LA, California
Aluminum Stair Hand Railing
ATR Lobby Stairs, California
Aluminum Glass Panel Black Hand Railing
state university aluminum handrail hallway aluminum handrail aluminum handrail systems
San Jose State, California,
Walkway Handrail
Roxbury Building, CA
Wall Mounted Handrail
Titans Field House, Tennessee
Aluminum Hand railing
aluminum handrail for stair application at college building
La Canada College, CA
Stair Handrails
San Jose State University, CA
Aluminum Hand Railing
San Jose State, California
Aluminum Handrail
aluminum handrail for any type of stairway aluminum handrail for shopping center
Eagle Glen Golf Club House, Corona
CA-Wall Mount Stair Handrail
Costa Mesa Shopping Center
Stair Aluminum Handrail
Avalon Access Stairs,
Aluminum Access Handrail
stairs with aluminum handrail stairway with an aluminum handrail aluminum handrail for stairs
Extended Stay Hotel
Aluminum Handrail for Stairs
LBJ Student Union, CA
Aluminum Handrails
Costa Mesa Shopping Center
Stair Handrail

Aluminum Handrail Specialist

Our specialty is aluminum handrail systems for all types of buildings and applications of handrail. Aluminum makes for
light weight applications for any and all projects, available in different finishes and colors. Through the years, dependable
quality and competitive pricing built the company Aluminum Tube Railings as one of the industry standard for
aluminum handrail systems. Give ATR Technologies a call.

Applications for Aluminum Handrail

Located in California manufacturer of aluminum handrails for balcony, high rise building railing, stairs, ramps, platforms, beaches,
pools, industrial, commercial, residential, business, schools, terraces, decks, wall mounted, exterior, roof top railing/


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