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Aluminum Guardrail for Multifaceted Applications

ATR Technologies, Inc. (ATR) offers various styles of aluminum railing systems with dependable quality and competitive prices. All Aluminum Railings feature interlocking technology for picket railing, multi-line railing, glass railing, cable rail and custom railing manufacturing fabrications. ATR also offers standard bent pipe and bent round tube rail with machined flush fittings for use as multi-line aluminum railing systems, wall mounted handrail and aluminum stair railing to meet architectural, industrial, commercial and ADA compliant applications. See our rail CAD Detail Drawings (DWG)

Railing System Finishes

There are three basic types of finishes available. Baked enamel offers unlimited color choices and colors can even be matched if, for example, an architect wants the aluminum railing to match the window mullions. Powder Coating offers hundreds of industry standardized “RAL” colors. Anodizing is available in clear, gold, black and shades of bronze. More information is available on the Finishes page of our current catalog. It is available Aluminum Guardrail Finishes in PDF format.

Aluminum Tube Railings (ATR) arrive on the jobsite in prefabricated sections up to 20 Lineal Feet (6.09 meters) each for ease of installation. If the jobsite is located outside of California, fence erectors and miscellaneous metal companies can install our product; no expertise is needed. There are several different mounting options to fit every aluminum railing design need, aesthetic affect or structural application.

Aluminum Railing Maintenance Free

Aluminum Tube Railings are virtually maintenance free. This saves time and money over the life time of aluminum railing.

Decades of experience and a proven quality product, has made it easy to see why ATR has consistently been chosen for a variety of projects worldwide and maintains its position in the marketplace as an innovative leader in aluminum railing systems. Aluminum Tube Railings are used in projects for schools, commercial buildings, residential and military applications. Project size ranges from a single stair rail in a building to multi-phase, multi-building, high rise projects.

Aluminum Guardrail Code Compliance

We pride our self on its knowledge of code compliance and maintains current information on all applicable regulations since they are constantly changing.  Compliance is the single most significant factor in the design of any railing system.  Whether the application is for a pool fence, guardrails, or ADA compliance, ATR provides systems that meet all of the guidelines/codes.

Many have sought out ATR’s expertise to solve specific problems or to provide aluminum railings with design solutions.  Others were looking for a quality product that is aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the architecture of the building.

Clients are provided with aluminum railing designs and cost estimates which include:  installation (in California) or delivery to the jobsite, shop drawings, value engineering (if needed), engineering calculations, custom extrusions and additional support as required.

More information is available in an eight page brochure published in Sweet's General Building and Renovation catalog files Section 05720/ATR (before 2006) or Section 05 73 00/ATR (2006 and following).   It is available Aluminum Railing Brochure in PDF format.

Located in Southern California, CA-Aluminum guardrail systems installation, engineering, manufacturing worldwide.


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